Post Op Information

Orthopedic Innovations-Dr. Tilgner

Post Operative Instruction Sheet

Knee Replacement

  1. Call the office for your post-operative appointment if you did not schedule one at your pre-op appointment with Margaret or Summer. You will need to be seen within 10-14 days after surgery. Please call upon discharge in case we are booked out. 928-854-3333 (Please specify Havasu or Parker office)

  2. Keep your dressing on until follow up. You will have a waterproof dressing (Aquacell). You will be discharged with one extra dressing to be changed 7 days after surgery. If you need help, bring the dressing to physical therapy. This dressing (Aquacell) does not need to be covered in the shower.

  3. Physical therapy should start upon immediate discharge. There will be an order on your chart, if you do not have one-call True Rehab 928-453-0501 or Parker physical therapy 928-669-9201 to schedule your appointment, they will call us for a faxed order.

  4. Any surgical findings you would like to know about will also be covered in this first visit. Please write down any questions so we can be thorough in your needs.

  5. You will have a CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) Machine in the hospital. This should be used as often as tolerated. In most cases of a surgical nerve block, you will wake up with your leg already in motion. You will either be sent home with this machine or one will be delivered to your house within 1-2 days after discharge. If this does not occur or you have not heard from the representative-please call our office 928-854-3333.

  6. TED Hose are white stockings to be worn on BOTH lower extremities after surgery. The purpose of the TED Hose is to increase blood circulation after surgery when you are at higher risk for a blood clot. Circulation is limited when you are not moving, therefore it is important to wear this pretty white stockings at all times-especially when you are not moving. Nighttime is the most important time, but 24 hours as tolerated would be best. The only time these should be removed in the first 6 weeks is for bathing.

  7. Dr. Tilgner recommends a combination of medications to help with pain control and reduce narcotic usage. Celebrex, Lyrica and Percocet are often used for pain control (for 21 days) unless otherwise indicated by an allergy.

  8. Xeralto, a blood thinner is used for 14 days unless otherwise indicated by a preexisting blood thinner.

  9. Please call the office or report to the emergency room immediately if any of the following should occur: numbness and/or tingling in the operative extremity, a sudden increase in pain.

  10. Swelling is normal after surgery and is well controlled with ice and elevation (elevate above the level of your heart). Swelling causes pain…..if your swelling is well controlled, your pain will be decreased. Be sure to ice after physical therapy. Swelling also inhibits movement, which can limit progress in physical therapy.

  11. It is recommended that you use a walker for the first 6 weeks unless instructed otherwise.

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