Cortisone Injections

Why Cortisone Injections?

Cortisone is a powerful anti-inflammatory and not a pain-relieving medication, it treats pain much more effectively; yet, it only relieves pain at the site of the inflammation. When the inflammation resolves, the pain is lessened. By injecting the cortisone directly into the site of inflammation, even giving high doses, there are usually, only minimal side-effects. A long-lasting effect can take place rapidly and give comfort to the patient, for many weeks.

Cortisone injections are safe, when given more than once. But, if the injections do not offer any relief, or wear off too quickly, you may want to seek an alternative method of care. Sometimes tendons can weaken and softening of cartilage may occur with repeated cortisone injections. Continuous injections may also increase the risk of a more serious problem; this is why many doctors do not give cortisone injections more than three times, consecutively.

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