Post Op Information

Orthopedic Innovations-Dr. Tilgner

Post Operative Instruction Sheet

Carpal & Cubital Tunnel Release, Wrist & Elbow Fracture

  1. Call the office for your post-operative appointment if you did not schedule one at your pre-op appointment with Margaret or Summer. You will need to be seen within 10-14 days after surgery. Please call upon discharge in case we are booked out. 928-854-3333 (Please specify Havasu or Parker office)

  2. Keep your dressing on until follow up, cover with a plastic bag to shower. Do not remove the dressing. We will remove the dressing at your first visit as well as your suture or staples.

  3. Physical therapy, if needed will be initiated after your first post-operative visit.

  4. Any surgical findings you would like to know about will also be covered in this first visit. Please write down any questions.

  5. Please call the office or report to the emergency room immediately if any of the following should occur: numbness and/or tingling in the operative extremity, a sudden increase in pain.

  6. Swelling is normal after surgery and is well controlled with ice and elevation (elevate above the level of your heart). Swelling causes pain…..if your swelling is well controlled, your pain will be decreased.

(928) 854-3333

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